25 Must-Read Natural Hair Blogs for Hair Care Tips and Styling Ideas

More and more women are embracing their natural hair textures instead of using flat irons, hot combs, or chemical relaxers.

This has become a movement and there is a growing natural hair community. However, for women who are just starting out on the natural hair journey, it can be hard to find the right tools and information.

To help in this journey, we have compiled a list of 25 natural hair blogs that will help answer questions about transitioning, protective styling, and managing hairstyles like Teeny Weeny Afros (TWA).

1. NaturallyCurly

NaturallyCurly started as a discussion board online created by Michelle Breyer and Gretchen Heber. It is now a blog and a top resource for the natural hair community.

If you need help with curly or textured hair, access to natural hair products, hairstylist reviews, or helpful hair information from curl experts, NaturallyCurly is the place to go.

They want to inspire every woman, girl, and person with curly hair to love and learn more about their curls.

2. Curl Centric

Curl Centric is a natural hair blog run by Kenneth & Kira Byrd. Their goal is to provide you with a wide range of resources and tips on how to take good care of your natural hair.

They offer ideas for styling your hair naturally, recipes for homemade hair care products, and information about natural hair products.

Whether you're new to natural hair or an experienced natural hair enthusiast, Curl Centric breaks down complex topics into easy-to-follow steps to help you have a successful natural hair journey.

3. Coils and Glory

Coils and Glory is a blog dedicated to natural hair care that helps naturals achieve their hair goals.

The founder, Adeola Adegbusi, shares her experience of going natural and provides practical advice for softer, easier-to-manage, and longer hair.

The blog covers various natural hair care topics such as hairstyles, hair growth tips, moisture retention, and product recommendations.

Coils and Glory is an excellent resource for anyone looking to achieve healthy, beautiful natural hair.

4. Curly Nikki

Nikki Walton started Curly Nikki as a place for curly-haired people to get help with managing their hair.

It's a blog where you can learn how to style your hair, find good products, and get advice on your natural hair journey.

But it's not just about hair - it's also about the challenges women face with their bodies, mental health, self-esteem, and hair experiences.

Nikki uses her education in psychology to help other women have better hair, lifestyle, and mental health.

5. Un-ruly

Un-ruly is a blog that celebrates black women and their hair. Antonia Opiah started the blog in 2013.

It covers hair care tips, tutorials, and interviews with influencers. It also explores the cultural significance of black hair worldwide.

Un-ruly offers a comprehensive view of black hair and beauty through a diverse range of content. It is a valuable resource for anyone looking to explore and embrace the beauty of black hair and women.

6. The Curl Market

The Curl Market is a blog that helps people with natural hair grow and maintain their hair.

The founder, Ayana Aden, gives tips and techniques to keep natural hair long and healthy.

Ayana started The Curl Market because of her experience and understanding of hair science. She summarizes it all in one place so naturals can grow their hair.

The blog has product reviews, testimonials, and recommendations that are personalized to each natural hair type.

The Curl Market recognizes that everyone's hair is different and gives tips based on science to help naturals understand their hair better.

7. 4C Hairstyles

4C Hairstyles is a personal blog and style book for natural 4C hair. It was created by Justine Mfulama who found inspiration in women embracing their natural hair in Atlanta.

The blog inspires people with 4C hair to find joy in their natural hair texture and provides valuable information on topics such as 4C hairstyles, 4C hair guides, and 4C hair products.

Justine's personal journey serves as a testament that loving your natural hair is possible, and her blog is a great starting point for anyone looking to do the same.

8. Curls Understood

Sylvia Kerali founded Curls Understood to help people with curly hair take care of their hair. She started her own journey with natural hair in 2004 when there weren't many resources online to help naturals with curly hair.

Curls Understood focuses on helping new naturals learn to love their curls. They provide information for the curly hair community, including tips for taking care of kids' hair, ideas for natural hairstyles, and product reviews.

You can also use Curls Understood to find a salon that knows how to work with your hair texture or watch videos from vloggers with the same hair type.

9. Thirsty Roots

The Thirsty Roots blog was created in 2010 to help people take care of their Afro-textured hair. It has gained over 2.9 million readers, 362,000+ Facebook fans, and a community of over 53,000 people.

Sharina runs Thirsty Roots and it has become a leading resource for women who want healthy hair and body.

Thirsty Roots makes it easier for people to learn about their hair and how to take care of it. They do this by providing the right hair information, hair care guides, and natural hair styling tips.

10. Natural Hair Rules

In 2008, Tamara L. Floyd started a blog called Natural Hair Rules to share her experiences with her hair after cutting it all off.

She was one of the early bloggers, and now, with over a million readers, her blog is still very popular.

Natural Hair Rules is a great resource for anyone who wants to learn about taking care of their natural hair, get ideas for hairstyles, and read reviews of hair products.

The blog features experts in natural hair care, and they are always ready to give advice and share their knowledge.

11. Textured Talk

Charlene Walton started Textured Talk because of her passion for natural hair. She wants to encourage other women to embrace their natural curls, so she blogs about her own experiences with her natural hair.

She shares what has worked for her hair and what hasn't, along with her frustrations and what she's learned.

Charlene has grown to love her natural hair, and she hopes to inspire other women to love theirs too by sharing her hair journey on Textured Talk.

12. Black Girl Long Hair (BGLH)

Black Girl Long Hair is a leading natural hair and beauty site that was created in 2008 by veteran beauty blogger Leila Noelliste.

As a top resource for natural hair care, it has grown exponentially and now receives over a million visitors yearly.

The site features topics ranging from natural hair care advice to styling and trend tips. In addition, you can purchase natural shea butter directly from the blog to incorporate into your hair and skin routine.

13. Ijeoma Kola

Ijeoma Kola is a blogger who used to be known as Klassy Kinks. She is a public health researcher, entrepreneur, and someone who loves natural hair.

In 2010, Ijeoma cut off the relaxed parts of her hair after transitioning for a year. This is when she started her natural hair journey.

On her blog, she talks about her experiences with her curly hair, shares ideas for natural hairstyles, recommends natural hair products, teaches how to do protective styles, and gives tips on beauty and style.

14. Black Natural and Proud Sistas

Ariane Williams started Black Natural and Proud Sistas in 2010 as a blog about her own journey to embrace her natural hair.

She wanted to share tips on how to care for Afro-textured hair. Soon, Black Natural and Proud Sistas became a big resource for women with afro-textured hair looking for ways to make their hair healthier.

Black Natural and Proud Sistas have everything you need for natural hair, including hairstyle ideas, hair care tips, inspiration, guides, and product recommendations.

15. Seriously Natural

Seriously Natural is a lifestyle blog run by Sabrina. It covers topics ranging from beauty, style, and travel, to natural hair.

The blog provides readers with solid knowledge, tips, and tricks on natural hair and skincare routines, as well as honest product reviews, all curated by natural hair experts.

Seriously Natural aims to help every aspiring natural learn how to embrace their natural curls while living their best life.

16. Naturalicious

Naturalicious is a company that helps you take care of your hair and feel good about your natural beauty. Their blog has tips on how to care for your natural hair without using harsh chemicals, and how to look great without spending too much time on your routine.

Naturalicious has become very popular because of their great hair care products. The CEO, Gwen Jimmere, started by making her own products in her kitchen, and now her company is one of the fastest-growing in the country.

17. The Kink and I

The Kink and I blog is run by two Nigerian girls, AB & MeeMee, who live in different cities - Lagos and New York, respectively.

These two best friends are on a journey to discovering their natural hair on a daily basis, while also educating other women about healthy natural hair.

The Kink and I blog shares personal experiences and well-researched content on ways women can achieve healthy natural hair.

You can find hair product reviews, natural hair care advice, and natural hair styling tips on The Kink and I blog. It's a good resource if you want to learn more about healthy natural hair journey.

18. Igbo Curls

Igbo Curls is a blog run by Chinwe Juliet. She had a bad experience with chemical relaxers that caused damage to her hair and scalp, so she decided to transition to natural hair. She has been natural since 2011.

Igbo Curls has great tips on natural hair care and styling. Besides hair, Chinwe also talks about motherhood, parenting, tech, faith, and lifestyle topics. She also has a YouTube channel where she shares natural hair tutorials, DIYs, how-tos, and product reviews.

19. Discovering Natural

Discovering Natural is curated by Sola, who transitioned for one year before doing the big chop in November 2012.

On her blog, she constantly shares how she takes care of her children's natural hair. She also provides helpful tips and shares her own regimen for natural hair, transitioning, and her kids' natural hair.

Sola also has a YouTube channel with over 1,000 videos on natural hair, including a cute video of one of her daughters talking about her own natural hair journey.

20. Long Nigerian Hair

Long Nigerian Hair is a blog dedicated to sharing tips on how to grow long and healthy natural hair.

Joie documents her own natural hair journey and provides helpful advice on natural hair regimens, protective styling, effective products, length retention techniques, and safe ways to promote hair growth.

21. Natural Sisters

Natural Sisters is managed by Evenes Ruth Mafupa, who is a wife, mother of 3 boys, and one of the founding Directors of Natural Moisture (Pty) Ltd.

Evenes has learned to embrace and appreciate her curly hair and wants to help others with natural hair to do the same.

On Natural Sisters, she shares her journey to healthy and natural hair with informative content on tips for taking care of curly hair, tutorials for natural hair, and reviews of products and styling methods that she has tried out on her natural hair, and what works best.

22. Toia Barry

Toia Barry, formerly known as ToBNatural, created her brand to share her love for hair. As a child, Toia was fascinated by the hairstylists at the local hair salons she visited with her mom, so she would often watch them work.

She acquired her Cosmetology license in 2004 and, five years later in 2009, she began to embrace her natural hair texture.

On her blog, Toia Barry is dedicated to inspiring other women by sharing her natural hair journey, useful hair care tips, routines, beauty advice, life hacks, and fashion inspiration.

23. 4C Hair Chicks

4C Hair Chicks is a blog that promotes natural hair care and beauty for women with type 4 textured hair.

By sharing information on healthy hair maintenance, the blog challenges negative stereotypes about the 4C hair type and encourages women to embrace their natural hair.

The blog also celebrates underrepresented beauty and discusses difficult topics about misrepresentations in popular media.

Overall, 4C Hair Chicks seeks to empower women with type 4 hair and promote a more diverse and inclusive representation of beauty.

24. MoKnowsHair

MoKnowsHair is a blog about natural hair care founded by Monica, a licensed cosmetologist, content creator, and product innovator. Her aim is to share her knowledge and simplify healthy hair care and styling for different types of kinky coily, curly, and afro-textured hair.

Through her blog, she offers tips and tricks on hair care for all curl types. Her blog is a reliable and practical resource.

Monica's passion for hair care and her skills as a licensed cosmetologist make her blog a trustworthy source for hair care advice. Her goal is to help her readers feel confident with their chosen hairstyle.

25. Natural Girl Wigs

When it comes to top natural hair blogs, it's impossible not to mention Natural Girl Wigs. Our blog provides detailed guides and well-researched articles on natural hair care and styling.

At Natural Girl Wigs, you'll find how-to tutorials, product reviews, and step-by-step guides that can be very helpful for anyone who wants to enhance their natural curls.

If you're in search of high-quality wigs and helpful resources for caring for and styling your curly hair, look no further than Natural Girl Wigs.