The 5 Best Combs for Women for Every Natural Hair Type and Style

Combs is an essential part of the natural hair journey. Finding the right combs for your natural hair is sort of like finding a new best buddy. They help to thoroughly detangle your hair and stop them from breaking so often.

To ease the process for you, I will be showing you the best combs you can use to effectively manipulate and style your natural hair.

Should you comb your natural hair?

I know that having to comb your natural hair often can be a bit of a nightmare for you. Your hair breaks off in chunks, your strands are a hot tangled mess and you feel like the process is just too hard. Your hair might get caught in the comb and the constant pulling causes more hair breakage. 

Regardless of how your current combing/detangling process looks scary. You should comb your natural hair but only when it is fully wet, damp, or completely moisturized with a leave-in conditioner. You may also need to finger detangle your hair in sections before combing. Because our natural hair has a tight coil pattern, regular combing of the hair will also result in massive breakage and split ends.

Should you comb your hair before washing?

It is better to comb your hair after washing than before. This way, your comb can glide through your hair easily and you would experience little to no breakage. Detangling your hair before washing is also more preferable, especially if you have just taken out an old protective style like twists or cornrows. You can start finger detangling from the ends and then gradually work your way up. Separating the knots, and removing the split ends and shed hair first, makes it super easy for you to comb without encountering a lot of tangles and breakage on the way.

What kind of comb should you use on natural hair?

What kind of combs to go for typically depends on your hair type and what it needs. It is best to choose ones with natural bristles than those with nylon bristles. Regardless of hair type, it is recommended that you comb gently to avoid snagging off your hair. Here are five of the best combs you will need for your natural hair. 

1. Denman Brush

Denman Brush

This is a huge favorite among naturals. Most naturals have used this brush to perfect their wash and go hairstyles. The Denman brush should always be your go-to comb, whenever you need to detangle your coils. Its bristles are made to separate and detangle knots from the hair effectively. To ensure this brush works well on your hair, it's best to use it on well-conditioned or wet hair.

2. Wide Tooth Comb

Wide Tooth Comb

The best combs for natural hair are wide-toothed combs. This kind of combs has enough space between the rows to allow for hair to glide through easily, without breaking off the ends. Wide-tooth combs do a great job of detangling knots, tangles, and separating hair while minimizing excess breakage. They are also useful for your wash day routines. However, before detangling with the wide-tooth comb, you will need to moisturize your hair first. 

3. Afro Hair Pick

Afro Hair Pick

The Afro pick was a classic comb used mostly in the 80s which is making a serious comeback as a good detangling tool now. The Afro pick is an essential comb among naturals today, they add volume to your twist outs, high puff, or Afro style. It also works well for short to medium hair and detangles hair easily.

4. Shower Detangler

Shower Detangler


You most likely grew up seeing a comb that looks like this in your house. Most households had a comb just like this. These combs have long teeth that can brush through large sections of thick natural hair without causing so much breakage. They work well on kids or anyone with a tender scalp.

5. Tangle Teezer 

Tangle Teezer

The tangle teezer is a popular detangling tool among naturals. It is made with firm bristles that move through the hair in swift motions and gently unravel knots. Most naturals have said that the tangle teezer makes detangling their kinky or coily hair a breeze. This brush comes in different sizes and shapes and is great for detangling your hair thoroughly.

To learn more, you should watch this tutorial by Awkward Char as she shares some of the best and worst detangling tools for your natural hair.