How to 3 strand Twist on Natural Hair

3-strand twists

What is a 3-strand twist? How is it created? What is the difference between this and a 2-strand twist? In this article, I will be answering all these questions and discussing with you all you need to know about creating a 3-strand twist.

What is a 3-strand Twist?

A 3-strand twist is a natural hair technique that involves wrapping three strands of your hair around one another to create a spiral curly look instead of a braid. A 3 strand twist can also be used to loc your hair and create 3 strand twist dreads if you want. On the surface, the result of the 3-strand twist resembles that of a 2-strand twist but there are noticeable differences.

Differences Between 3-strand Twists and 2-strand Twists

1. Frizz

frizzy hair

Frizz happens when your hair loses its natural curl definition and stands up independently, causing your hair to appear disheveled. You know the I-just-got-right-out-of-bed frizzy hair? Yes, that one. With 2-strand twists, you get some frizz in your hair but with 3-strand twists, you get less to no frizz.

2. Curls

well-defined curls 3-twists

With 3-strand twists, your curls are more defined and noticeable as opposed to doing 2-strand twists.

3. Time


3-strand twists take more time to create while 2-strand twists take less time.

What are the Benefits of Doing a 3 strand Twist?

1. Tighter curls

Due to the firm hold that is applied to the base of 3-strand twists, the curls come out tighter and more defined.

2. Durability

3-strand twists can be worn for a long time (1 week to 2 weeks).

How to 3 strand Twist Your Natural Hair

This video by MsCatrin will show the right way to do a 3-strand twist on your natural hair:

Step-by-step Guide

What you need:

Step 1: Section your hair

woman sections hair in 3 smaller parts
  • Section your hair and then divide that section into three equal strands. Mentally label them as hair strand 1, hair strand 2, and hair strand 3.

Step 2: Twist

woman 3-strand-twisting hair
woman 3-strand-twisting hair
woman 3-strand-twisting hair
  • Take hair strand 3 and cross it over hair strands 2 and 1. Next, cross hair strand 2 over 3 and 1. Finally, cross hair strand 1 over 2 and 3.
  • Repeat until you get close to the ends of your hair.

Step 3: Secure the ends of your hair

woman securing ends of twists
  • As you get closer to the ends of your hair, you will discover that the hair starts to become thinner. So, divide your hair into two and continue with a regular two strand twist.
  • Add a bit of gel to the ends and twirl to keep your twists from unravelling.
3-strand twists

Repeat for all the other sections of your hair until you are done!