How to Do and Maintain Mini twists on Natural Hair

Mini twists are the holy grail of low manipulation hairstyles. They help give you a break from constant manipulation and styling of the hair. The best part is that they don't require you to pay so much attention to them, just moisturize frequently and you are good to go.

mini twists

Unlike your regular twists, mini twists are smaller and you would need a longer period of time to complete this hairstyle. So, stay entertained with your favorite Netflix show while making these mini twists.

How to do Mini Twists

Gloria Ann shows how to do mini twists on your natural hair in this tutorial.

Here is a breakdown of all the steps she shared in this tutorial.

What you need:

Step-by-step Guide

Step 1: Apply Your Moisturizing Cream

woman applying hair cream
  • Section your hair and separate that section from the rest of your hair.
  • Take the hair that you have sectioned and apply your moisturizing cream.

Step 2: Apply Your Hair Gel and Detangle

lady applying hair gel
lady detangling hair

Next, apply gel to that section of hair and gently brush through with your detangling brush.

Step 3: Twist

lady twisting hair
  • Separate that section of your hair into smaller sections as shown in the GIF. Then divide one small section into two and then start to wrap them around each other.
  • When you get to the ends of your hair, simply twirl them to keep the twists in place.

Repeat the process on your entire hair.

Mini twists finished look

Well done, your mini twists hairstyle was a success!

    How to maintain mini twists

    Here are some tips on how to maintain your mini twists.

    1. It is recommended to keep in your mini twists for a maximum of 4 weeks.
    2. Always throw on a satin scarf before you head off to bed. This will help to protect your mini twists and prevent loss of moisture as you sleep.
    3. To keep your mini twists odorless from prolonged wear, massage your scalp with oil often. You can also wash your scalp with a good cleansing shampoo.
    4. Moisturize your mini twists often. Fill your spray bottle with water and a leave-in, then spritz it over your mini twists from roots to ends and saturate your hair well. Apply light oil to your hair from roots to end to seal in the moisture.
    5. To get your mini twists to stay frizz-free, do not touch your hair with your hands so much. You should try to keep your hands to yourself.