6 Techniques to Get Thicker and Fuller Natural Hair: A Guide for Fine and Thin Hair Types

If you have thinning or naturally fine hair, it's understandable to want thicker, fuller hair. However, it can be challenging to achieve a voluminous look with fine strands. If you're struggling with this, don't worry – there are techniques you can use to make your fine, thin natural hair look thicker.

We recommend six techniques for achieving more volume with fine natural hair. Keep reading to learn about these techniques or watch the tutorial below.

6 Techniques to Get Thicker and Fuller Natural Hair

1. Try the scalp massage technique

To make fine natural hair appear thicker, use the scalp massage technique. Places your fingers on the scalp and massage it in small, circular motions. It is important to do this one section at a time and in small, circular motions to avoid frizz.

2. Pull your hair out for volume

To increase volume, try pulling your hair upwards and outwards. This technique releases clumps of hair that naturally form and weigh down your hair. By pulling them out, your hair will appear fuller.

3. Lift your hair from the roots

Use this technique to achieve thickness and volume for your twist outs, flat twist outs, braid outs, or flexi rod sets. To do this, use your fingers to lift your hair up from the scalp. You don't have to lift the hair far, just an inch off the scalp can give you some volume.

4. Use the tail end of a fine tooth comb

When dealing with fine natural hair, it is common to encounter pesky parts. One technique for getting rid of these parts is to use the tail end of a fine-tooth comb.

Place the tail end of the comb in the middle of the part and move it ½ inch in one direction and ½ inch in the other direction. This technique closes the part and lifts up the hair at the same time.

5. Go for short hairstyles

Pixie cut

Short hairstyles are ideal for those with fine or thinning natural hair. Cuts such as bobs, side frohawks, and pixie cuts can make the hair look fuller while also giving off an edgy appearance that can help to disguise thinning hair. Before deciding on a particular hairstyle, be sure to find out which style and cut would suit you best.

6. Add natural clip ins


If you're looking for a temporary fix, natural clip-ins are the easiest way to add volume to fine, thin natural hair. With clip-ins, you can achieve a variety of natural hairstyles with ease.

If you have thinning hair, clip-ins can help to conceal those parts and give you a thicker look. Clip-ins are also great if you prefer some length instead of short hairstyles.

NoLyeNapturallyMe has fine natural hair and demonstrates how to get more volume in this tutorial video below.