Natural Hair Textures and Types Guide: How to Know Yours

Finding the perfect wig or natural hair extensions for your natural hair can be a challenge, but we got you covered! Our collection of natural hair textures is designed to match your unique hair type, from 3B to 4C to blown-out hair.

In this article, we'll introduce you to each hair texture and provide recommendations for protective styles that work best for each type, so you can say goodbye to bad hair days and hello to gorgeous hairstyles.

1. 3B Hair Type

3B hair

3B hair type has well-defined, spiral curls that resemble bouncy ringlets or tight corkscrews. The curls have a circumference similar to that of a large marker, and the hair has a fine to medium texture.

To avoid buildup on this hair type, it is recommended to use light products and cleansers that are sulfate-free and silicone-free.

The kinky curly texture is an ideal match for 3B hair. You can also try protective styles such as wigs, ponytails, clip-ins, and u-part wigs.

2. 3C Hair Type

3C hair

3C hair type has a defined corkscrew pattern and the tightest curl pattern of all hair types. Due to its texture, the use of heat is highly discouraged, and other stretching methods such as braids and twisting are advised.

Protective styles that work well for this hair type include ponytails, wigs, and crochet styles.

Our kinky coily texture is a perfect match for 3C hair.

3. 4A Hair Type

4A hair

4A hair has a defined curl pattern that is almost like an "S" shape. It generally retains moisture but is still very prone to dryness, like most curly patterns.

Wash and Go styles are best for this hair type, as well as styling options that allow for constant moisturizing.

Our perfect texture match for the 4A hair type is the Kinky Coily texture. It is available in all styles, including clip-ins, Upart wigs, ponytails, and lace wigs.

4. 4B Hair Type

4B hair

4B hair has a "Z" shaped pattern and a fluffy, cotton-like appearance. Due to the bends and curves of this hair type, it is prone to dryness and breakage. In fact, 4B hair can shrink up to 70%, making it appear shorter than it actually is.

Naturals with this hair type can benefit from protective styles, such as ponytails, wigs, and properly installed crochet hair, that protect your ends and hair in general.

Our recommended texture match for this hair type is the Afro kinky hair texture.

5. 4C Hair Type

4C Hair

4C hair is similar to the 4B hair type, but the curls are more tightly coiled and do not have a defined pattern. To define the curls of 4C hair, it is necessary to twist or braid them.

The 4C hair type experiences shrinkage similar to that of 4B hair. Excessive manipulation is not recommended. Protective styles such as ponytails, crochet, twists, and braids are recommended.

Our Afro kinky hair texture is a perfect match for 4C hair.

6. Blown Out Hair Type

Relaxed/blown out hair

For relaxed or blown-out natural hair, the perfect match is the Kinky Blow Out hair texture. At Natural Girl Wigs, we offer ponytails, clip-ins, wigs, and other cool protective styles that match this texture perfectly.