Difference between 3B/3C vs 3C/4A vs 4B/4C hair texture

We will be showing the differences between 3b/3c, 3c/4a, and 4b/4c hair textures so you can make better purchase decisions for your natural hair extensions.

In this tutorial, our hairstylist will show you the difference between the 3b/3c Kinky Curly texture, 3c/4a Kinky Coily texture, and the 4b/4c Afro Kinky texture.


The 3b/3c Kinky Curly texture has the tightest of curl patterns of all the hair texture. It has bouncy curls that resemble ringlets.

The 3c/4a Kinky Coily texture has a tight and defined curl pattern. It has coarse, "S" shaped coils with a bit of frizz. 

The 4b/4c Afro Kinky texture is a perfect blend for 4b-4c kinky hair. Its strands are densely packed with a "Z" tightly coiled curl pattern to it.