Diva Blow Out & Kinky Goddess Wig

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Diva curly wig
$ 285.00
Diva curly wig
$ 0.00$ 285.00
  • Made from Finest Virgin Human Hair

  • Easy to install and style

  • Light weight and comfortable to wear

  • Blends closely with your natural 4b/4c texture

Wig Lola
$ 0.00$ 400.00
  • Use code NGWANCHOR10 to get 10% OFF

  • Made with 100% Virgin Human hair

  • Comes with Closure or Frontal

  • Can be conditioned or washed

  • Easy to detangle, twist, or define

  • Can be dyed

  • Blends naturally with your 4B/4C texture

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose length?

This depends on the hair texture. If you don't know what length to choose, use a ruler or measuring tape and measure from the top of your ear to where you want the hair to reach and that is the length you should buy if you want straight hair. If you want kinky textured hair follow our hair length guide to know the right length for you.

How long will the hair last?

Our products are made to be reusable and long-lasting, however, the expectant life of your particular wig depends on the quality type, i.e the Virgin Human hair collection will last longer than Premium Fibre and the care you provide to your hair is very important. A care card is included in every purchase to help you with tips that will help maintain the hair for as long as possible.

How do I find my hair texture?

We have hair types as a menu for you to choose from, you can also shop via the shop looks menu to help you select the perfect texture for you. Read this post about natural hair types to learn more about your hair texture. If you need more help our customer relations team is available.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Love it!

Really natural looking and feeling. Next time, I'll go with a longer one.

Janet O.
Excellent Purchase

It's an adorable natural wig. Easy to maintain. Good wig for the summer

It's a beautiful Wig

Super happy that I trusted you with colouring my wig. Perfect combination, perfect texture! Easy to style and the colour brings out my eyes. This is my best wig store

This review first appeared on Instagram

Breath of Fresh Air.

I just got my package and the hair feels like a breath of fresh air, although quite pricey, your delivery to Canada was almost with speed of light and you sent exactly what's on your website. I'm so pleased.

Back to back compliments

I have had this hair for 3 months now, I love that it works so well for restyling, I got the 12' so I can manipulate it better. There's never a time I rock this hair that I do not get compliments.

Onyi Influenced me & I love it!

I had to get this wig after seeing it on Onyi on Instagram, I love the results when I restyled it and it sits really well on my face.

Maureen O.
love the curled version over the straight one.

I tried the curled version of this hair as shown in your youtube video on the page and it's the best decision. It is so fine.

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Esther S.
My wig, my hair

Really loving on my new wig. Very very soft and also resistant to heat. Easy to style and maintain.

People mistaken it for my hair. And my response to that is: “for as long as I’m wearing it on my head, it’s hair 😜”

Tee G.
My favorite wig

I absolutely love this wig in its natural state and silk pressed out.

Kinky wig

Texture/volume was very realistic.

My stylist was arguing that the wig wouldn’t hold curls,I told her to just give it a try and see! And yes it curled up very easily and stayed curled even in this very warm weather.

Well done NGW. 🌟

Highly recommended 👌

Got the 16" kinky goddess wig with closure and installed it a month later. My goodness, I love the supersoft texture, feels superfull too, and the compliments 😊 I got boosted my confidence. I wish I got 14" tho' (so I could easily get away with the - yes, it's my hair remarks).
May I swap with a 14? *runs away*

Sarener G.

I love this wig! I love this site!

sylvie M.

The hair is perfect I’m very happy however I would have loved to have it in a full 360 cap but apart from this little detail I’m very satisfied with the hair

Samantha T.
The best wig I own

I was delightfully surprised with this wig because it fits well, combs are in the right place and the elastic makes the wig feel snug and secure on my head and the texture of the hair is very much like my own blow-dried hair. The hair is nice and full and feels soft and not coarse in texture. I have the frontal and the best feature of this wig is I do not need to use glue to hold down the front. I am happy with this purchase and I will definitely be buying from this company again.