Use Clip ins to Add Extra Volume and Length to Your Hair

20% OFF Human Hair Clip Ins

Why you will want to have this

  • Made from Finest Virgin Human Hair

  • All Virgin Wigs are Pre-plucked & Customized

  • Each Pack comes with 10 Wefts

  • Can be styled

  • Can be dyed

  • Can be curled

  • Can be straightened

  • Returns to original texture after a co-wash

  • Save over $40 USD

Clip in Hair Texture Comparison

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I attach Clip Ins

Clip-Ins come with steel clip that you open and clip between your hair or cornrows. We have a page dedicated to styling and installation.

How do I choose length?

How long will the hair last?

Our products are made to be reusable and long-lasting, however, the expectant life of your particular wig depends on the quality type, i.e the Virgin Human hair collection will last longer than Premium Fibre and the care you provide to your hair is very important. A care card is included in every purchase to help you with tips that will help maintain the hair for as long as possible.

How do I find my hair texture?

We have hair types as a menu for you to choose from, you can also shop via the shop looks menu to help you select the perfect texture for you. Read this post about natural hair types to learn more about your hair texture. If you need more help our customer relations team is available.

Founder's Story

My name is Oluremi Martins, Founder of Natural Girl Wigs.

Just like many Natural Queens, I never seemed to get the perfect twist out or many beautiful styles I wanted to try with my hair no matter how many times I watched my fave gurus on Youtube.

Sharing my thoughts with other sisters made me realise that there were many like me and that was the push I needed to create my first Afrocentric unit with the help of my hair stylist.

Our collection of over 50 styles is made up of both virgin human hair and premium fibre hair in 3B - 4C hair textures so everyone can enjoy the Natural Girl experience on any budget.

Our Wigs are made by local black hairstylists in Lagos and Texas and our quality control process ensures every unit made is the best hair we have made.