Kinky Coily U-part Wig

The finest U-part wigs for 3C - 4A kinky coily hair that matches your hair type just the way you like.

U-part Wig is easy to wear hair extensions that blend perfectly with your hair. Unlike other lace part wigs, a U-part wig is a modified half wig with a u-shaped opening on top, allowing you to cover its tracks with your own hair.

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Diva curly wig
$ 365.00
Wig Lola
$ 65.00

Here’s why the Virgin Coily U-Part Wig is the best pick for you

Diva curly wig
  • Use code NGWANCHOR10 to get 10% OFF

  • Made with 100% Virgin Human hair

  • Can be conditioned or washed

  • Easy to detangle, twist, or define

  • Can be dyed

  • Blends naturally with your 3C/4A texture

Wig Lola
  • Handsewn with premium fibre kinky coily hair

  • Easy to install and style

  • Light weight and comfortable to wear

  • Blends closely with your natural 4b/4c texture

  • Adjustable elastic strap for a secured fit

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose length?

This depends on the hair texture. If you don't know what length to choose, use a ruler or measuring tape and measure from the top of your ear to where you want the hair to reach and that is the length you should buy if you want straight hair. If you want kinky textured hair follow our hair length guide to know the right length for you.

How long will the hair last?

Our products are made to be reusable and long-lasting, however, the expectant life of your particular wig depends on the quality type, i.e the Virgin Human hair collection will last longer than Premium Fibre and the care you provide to your hair is very important. A care card is included in every purchase to help you with tips that will help maintain the hair for as long as possible.

How do I find my hair texture?

We have hair types as a menu for you to choose from, you can also shop via the shop looks menu to help you select the perfect texture for you. Read this post about natural hair types to learn more about your hair texture. If you need more help our customer relations team is available.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Amanda A.
Love this unit

When the wig arrived I co washed it and the hair was so soft. The texture is really close to my type 4 hair so it blended really well. I wore it to a wedding and so many people thought it was my real hair!

Joanne S.
Love the wig.

Ordering process was great. The wig looks exactly like the picture and is very soft. Once washed and conditioned it is very manageable.

Natural quality hair

Love it so far. Feels really good, super soft, very natural, blends in well with my hair and cap sewing looks very well done too. You’ve got a new loyal customer !

Aliyah B.
Blends Perfectly - Lovely Curls!

I absolutely love this wig! The texture matches my curl pattern perfectly! It reacts the same way as my hair. Would 10 out of 10 recommend.

Beautiful Hair

After I placed my order for the kinky coily texture wig, I changed my mind and wanted the kinky Afro instead. The change was made promptly and without issue. Customer service was great in ensuring that I received the wig I wanted. The hair is beautiful and soft. Love it!



May Y.
Kinky Coily U-part Wig - 3C/4A

I'm happy with my purchase, the hair looks amazing and blends well with my own hair and natural hair color.
When I washed the hair and styled it, it didn't shed a lot, when the hair air dries, it still feels amazingly soft and doesn't knots.
Friends and colleagues think it's my real hair... In my inner thoughts I'm like yes it is hun, I bought it so it is my hair ;)

Customer Reviews

Based on 170 reviews

Faux Naturale U-part Wig

Rita O.

So beautiful and natural. I got so many compliments

Naomi H.
Natural Wig

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MY WIG!!!!!! It literally looks so natural and the pictures on the website don't do it any justice!!!!! Not to mention, the customer service is PHENOMENAL!!!!!! I constantly recieved updates on my order and was sent different style suggestions for my unit. I would give them 1000 stars if I could and would recommend to anyone.

Deborah A.

Faux Naturale U-part Wig

Folu A.

I loveeet

Temitope F.
Loving my faux natural wig and my ponytail

Loving my faux naturale u part wig and pony tail wig so much,the texture of the wig is pure bliss cant wait to rock it .. definately going to be a member of the club soon cos i have some more orders to make...

Boluwatife f.

Faux Naturale U-part Wig